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Portugal: Your New Home Awaits

You can get a residence permit for Portugal if you receive GBP £8,300 per year
(Pensions, Interest, Dividends or Rents)

Welcome to Your Guide for Moving from the United Kingdom to Portugal

Moving to Portugal has become an increasingly attractive option for UK citizens, especially following recent elections. Portugal offers a friendly climate, with sunshine for most of the year, contrasting with the UK’s colder and rainier weather. Additionally, the affordable cost of living allows for a higher quality of life, making it possible to enjoy comforts and luxuries that might be expensive elsewhere. The high quality of life, marked by safety, an excellent healthcare system, and a more relaxed pace of life, makes Portugal an irresistible destination for those seeking a fresh start in a welcoming and opportunity-rich environment. Explore our site to discover everything you need to know for a smooth transition.

Available Visa Types

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General Inquiries

Do you have a UK pension Above GBP £8,300 Per Year?

If you receive a UK pension above £25,000 per year, moving to Portugal can offer financial and lifestyle benefits. Portugal has double taxation treaties with the UK, potentially reducing the tax burden on your pension. Moreover, with a lower cost of living, your income can provide a higher quality of life, allowing you to enjoy more comfort and leisure.

Do You Earn Rental Income Over GBP £8,300 Per Year?

For those earning over £10,000 per year in rental income in the UK, Portugal offers an attractive economic environment. The country has a tax-friendly system for expatriates and provides opportunities to invest in local real estate. With proper guidance, you can maximize your rental income while enjoying the advantages of living in a country with a pleasant climate and affordable living costs.

Are You Looking for a Tax-Friendly Environment?

Portugal is known for its favorable tax policies for expatriates, including the Non-Habitual Resident (NHR) regime, which offers significant tax benefits for new residents during their first ten years. If you are looking for a place to optimize your tax situation, Portugal could be the ideal choice. This regime covers various income sources, including pensions, employment income, and capital gains, making it particularly attractive for those seeking tax efficiency.

Interested in a Better Quality of Life with Lower Living Costs?

Portugal is frequently ranked as one of the best countries to live in due to its high quality of life and relatively low living costs. With an excellent healthcare system, high levels of public safety, and a pleasant Mediterranean climate, the country offers a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle. Additionally, the cost of goods and services, from food to transportation, is generally lower than in the UK, allowing your money to go further. If you are seeking a more relaxed, healthy, and economically sustainable life, Portugal could be the perfect destination.

Advantages of Living in Portugal

Mild Climate

Enjoy over 300 days of sunshine per year. Portugal’s mild climate allows for outdoor activities and a vibrant lifestyle all year round, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a sunnier environment.

Affordable Housing

Experience a lower cost of living compared to the United Kingdom. From affordable housing to lower everyday expenses, your pounds have a higher valuemoney goes further in Portugal, enabling a comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle.


Universal and almost FREE Public Health Service (medical consultation costs around 10€) 


Live in one of the safest countries in the world. Portugal is consistently ranked among the top countries for safety, providing peace of mind and a secure environment for you and your family.

3rd safest country in the world (Global Peace Index™ 2022)

Friendly Locals

Enjoy welcoming and hospitable Portuguese communities. The friendliness of the locals makes it easy to settle in and feel at home, creating a warm and inclusive atmosphere for expatriates.

Most welcoming country for expats in the world (InterNations™ Global Guide)


Good English

7th on the 2021 EF™ English Proficiency Index

Oldest UK Allies in the World

Treaty of Windsor – 1386

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