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Welcome to Defesa Legal Portugal Law Office, your trusted legal partner for navigating the complexities of Portuguese citizenship laws. With recent amendments and media attention around high-profile cases, understanding your eligibility and the process for Portuguese Citizenship by Sephardic ancestry is crucial. Our experienced team is here to guide you through every step

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We follow a structured program to ensure seamless service delivery:

•Proven expertise in sephardic ancestry applications: Our firm has a rich history of collaborating with both the Porto (CIP) and Lisboa (CIL) Jewish Communities. We ensure that your application is meticulously documented, aligning with the latest interpretations and requirements of Sephardic Heritage as understood by these communities.

•Expedited citizenship application process: We understand the value of time in legal proceedings. Our approach involves submitting applications to the most efficient Civil Registry Offices, enhancing the speed of decision-making in your case. The importance relies on the following difference: some Civil Registry Offices are so delayed that the application can take up to three years to be decided. However, with the right assistance, presenting the application in the right Civil Registry Office, the application can be decided in one year and a half…

•Comprehensive legal support: Beyound application submission, we offer extensive monitoring and legal advisory services. This includes assistance with applications for spouses and minor children, ensuring that your family’s needs are also catered for.


• Guarantees: We can guarantee that your case will be submitted, in both entities, in the next few days after you hire our Firm, guaranteeing that your case will not be subject to the “at least 3 years of legal residency in Portugal” of the last amendment to the law, and that is pending approval from the President and publishin in the official gazette.

• Client-Centric approach: Our commitment is first and foremost to our clients. We provide personalized legal advice, tailored to your unique situation, to ensure the most favorable outcomes.

• Extensive experience and sucess: Our track record speaks for itself. Handling thousands of citizenship cases, we possess specialized knowledge and a deep understanding of Sephardic ancestry and its legal implications in the context of Portuguese citizenship.


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  1. You will not need to travel to Portugal, saving in travel expenses, as we will represent you before all Portuguese and Jewish authorities.
  2. We work with fixed/flat fees so you will not face any unexpected costs
  3. We can also cover every other legal needs: 
    • Real Estate Investments due diligence/conveyance;
    • Non habitual resident status (special tax regime);
    • Assistance in TIN/NIF assignments, Social Security and National Health Care enrollment, beside everything else to make your relocation smoother, if required.
    • Arbitration and Litigation.

For applicants not living in Portugal: deadline is on the 31st of March 2024 – In this case, we will assist you with the legal procedure to cover the new requirement “holding a Residence Permit for more than one year”;

If you have resided in Portugal for a minimum of three years, either consecutively or intermittently, we can guide you on leveraging this for your citizenship application, especially in light of the new amendment.

You can handle the process directly. However, this is a legally complex process and should be accompanied by a lawyer. Even the Jewish Communities recommend to have legal assistance, in order to prevent bureaucratic and legal issues.

The whole procedure will take place in Portugal. All administrative and judicial authorities use the Portuguese language. With the exception of lawyers established in other Member States of the European Union, lawyers not registered with the Portuguese Law Bar Association cannot practice law in Portugal. Surely a lawyer from your country of residence will act in partnership with a Portuguese lawyer. Therefore, you should ask yourself this question: why not hire a Portuguese lawyer and deal with everything directly with who will handle the process, suppressing middle men?

  • Sending of our documents check list and our procedures;
  • Drafting and sending the Power of Attorney so that you don’t have to travel to Portugal for such purpose;
  • Support in the obtention of documentation from you birth country (we partner with law firms in Israel and in several other Latin American countries);
  • Translation of official documents issued by the authorities of foreign countries to Portuguese;
  • Obtaining the official recognition of documents issued by foreign authorities by the Portuguese ones;
  • Requesting and accompanying the procedure for the obtention of the certificate issued by the Portuguese Jewish Community (Lisbon or Porto) OR drafting and accompanying the procedure for the obtention of documents that are able to replace the Certificate of the Portuguese Jewish Community;
  • Preparation and monitoring of the application for the Portuguese Jewish Community Certificate (Lisbon or Porto) OR the preparation and monitoring of applications for the issuance of documents that replace – in the application for Portuguese Citizenship – the Certificate issued by the Portuguese Jewish Community;
  • Certification of all the necessary documents (including translations and notarizations) to submit the application for Portuguese Citizenship;
  • Drafting, submitting and follow up of the procedure for the concession of Citizenship;
  • Supplying the code for consulting the application online, 24/7/365.
  • In case of prompt refusal (by insufficiency of documents or other reason):
    • Analysis of the notification of refusal;
    • Support correcting the deficiencies highlighted and/or obtaining additional documents
  • In case of a final decision of no concession of the Portuguese Citizenship;
    • Analysis of the final notification of refusal
    • Submitting and following up the administrative or judicial appeal for the granting of the Portuguese Citizenship in the Administrative Court of Law

Yes, you can. The Law of Return is open to Jewish and non-Jewish people who can prove their Sephardic ancestry. The religion of the applicants does not matter; what matters is their Sephardic ancestry.

An applicant’s first step towards Portuguese citizenship will be the acquisition from a Sephardic Jewish community, of a certificate of origin. This certificate attests to ties with a Sephardic community of Portuguese origin. Once obtained, the applicant should send the document to the Jewish community in either Porto or Lisbon.

The guarantee is given by the Portuguese laws that regulate the activity of lawyers and that regulate the judicial proceedings. Thus, the Lawyers have a duty of professional secrecy provided for in art. 92 of Law number 145/2015, of the 09th of September (Statute of the Law Bar Association), and the violation of this professional secrecy constitutes a crime punishable by imprisonment. The facts revealed by the Lawyer, in violation of professional secrecy, also constitute forbidden evidence in court, so the law prevents them from being used in court.

The costs to have a Portuguese Passport through Sephardic Ancestry start as low as EUR 1.200€ (citizenship application stage only – Sephardic Certification not included).

We offer competitive prices. Ask us for a quotation.


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