This Visa is the best option for those who intend to engage in investment activities in Portugal, through the establishment of a business activity in Portugal.


One of the visas that has attracted the most attention from foreigners is the visa for Entrepreneurial Immigrants. This Visa is the best option for those who intend to engage in investment activities in Portugal, through the establishment of a business activity in Portugal. The purpose behind this kind of visa is to attract external resources to foster the Portuguese economy.

To apply for the D2 visa, it is necessary, among other assumptions, that a company be set up in Portugal. Portuguese law provides for different types of corporate arrangements. However, the limited liability company (LLC) and the sole proprietorship limited companies have been the most used. While the first type of partnership involves a minimum of two partners, the sole proprietorship limited company requires a single partner. In any case, the share capital is freely fixed in the social contract.


Opening a company has some associated costs, which cannot be forgotten by those who intend to undertake in Portugal. Pay attention to the following costs:

  • € 360.00 for opening the company;
  • Request for a specific name for the company: € 75.00 in 10 working days, or € 150.00 in 24h (it is possible to choose a name from the pre-approved list and avoid this additional cost);
  • € 150.00 (approximate amount) per month for accountant fees;/profit distribution (with some restrictions. Contact us for an enquiry);
  • Corporate Income Tax, also called IRC, with a 25% rate;
  • Derrama (municipal tax), whose maximum limit is 1.5%.


We are prepared to assist you in this step. We can create the company in 24 hours, if all the required documents are presented in time. Please have in mind that the company will be registered in the Portuguese Commerce Registry Office – usually takes around 48-72 business hours.


To submit a D2 visa application to a Portuguese Consulate/Embassy, it is necessary to proceed with the elaboration of a business plan, identifying the objectives and the way the investment value will be used. We will assist you in the drafting of this document. The other documents needed will be:

  • Visa application form to live in Portugal;
  • Passport, valid for at least 6 months after the expiry date of the Portugal passive income visa being applied for (which will be valid for 4 months);
  • Two recent passport-size colour photos;
  • Declaration outlining reasons for obtaining Portuguese residency, identifying, for example, the reason for the visa application, the time he intends to live in Portugal and where he intends to live;
  • Health insurance policy or affidavit stating that this will be bought in Portugal within 90 days of arrival;
  • Criminal Background Certificate issued by the FBI based in fingerprints (valid for 90 days);
  • Documentary evidence of having accommodation in Portugal (property title deed, rental agreement, property loan agreement, airbnb or hotel reservations);
  • Documentary evidence of sufficient finances available to the applicant in Portugal (e.g. a Portugal-based bank statement showing a reasonable balance – contact us for more details);
  • Declaration that he/she has carried out or intends to carry out an investment operation in Portugal, indicating its nature, value and duration and proof that it has carried out investment operations; or proof that you have financial means available to invest in Portugal.

After the submission of all documentation, the decision on granting the visa by the Consulate takes between 30 and 60 days.

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